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SEO (search engine optimization) improves the visibility of a website on search engines organically, while SEA (search engine advertising) involves paid advertisements. Although the two are complementary, SEO is generally slower to produce results but does not require click costs.

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Setting up Google My Business

Our service allows you to set up your Google My Business profile, the essential tool for managing your online presence on Google.
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  • Creating and optimizing your Google My Business profile
  • Uploading and managing your photos and contact information
  • Monitoring and reporting your online visibility
  • promote your service on your Google my business profile 5 services maximum
  • Helpline

Visibility with Google Shopping and Google Ads

Our pack allows you to promote your business on Google Shopping and Google Ads by helping you:
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  • Setting up and configuring your Google Shopping account
  • Optimizing your Google Shopping account
  • Creation and distribution of Google Ads advertisements
  • Monitoring and optimizing the performance of your campaign
  • Performance reports and analytics
  • Helpline

Monitoring and analysis of your website

Our website monitoring and analysis service allows you to obtain valuable information on the performance of your site
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  • Installing Google Tag Manager on your website Configuring Google Analytics to track your visitors and conversions
  • Analysis and reporting of your traffic and performance data
  • Tips to Improve Your Content Strategy and Conversion Strategy
  • Helpline


Improve your search engine ranking and get discovered more online

Keyword research and strategy

Optimize the natural referencing of your site by choosing relevant keywords and using them strategically in your content. A solid keyword strategy, which takes into account your target audience and market trends, is essential to help search engines better understand what your site is about and make it appear at the top of search results.

Link building

Links are essential for SEO because they indicate the importance and credibility of your site to search engines. Quality links from relevant sites can improve your SEO, while low-quality links can hurt it. To build effective links, target relevant sites and create quality content that encourages other sites to link to you.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is about optimizing your site for search engines. This includes the loading speed of your site, its ease of access and its adaptation to different devices (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.). By ensuring that your site is technically optimized, you can improve your natural SEO and encourage Internet users to stay on your site longer.

Local SEO

Quality content is essential to improve the natural referencing of your website. By providing content that is informative, useful, and relevant to your target audience, you can not only help search engines better understand what your site is about, but also encourage visitors to stay on your site longer and return regularly.


Search Engine Optimization FAQs

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the whole
techniques and strategies used to improve visibility and
ranking of a website in natural (non-paid) search results
search engines, such as Google. The goal of SEO optimization is
attract more qualified visitors to a website by improving the
visibility of the site in search results.

Search engine optimization is important because
it can help improve the visibility and ranking of a website in
search results, which can lead to increased traffic and
conversions on the site. Indeed, users who are looking for
information on a specific topic are more likely to click on a link
which appears at the top of the search results.

There are many ways to optimize a site for
search engines, including:

Use relevant keywords in site content and tags
meta (title and description)
Create quality content that is updated regularly
Improve site loading speed
Optimize the user experience (for example, using a design
Obtain quality links to the site “(link building)”


On-page SEO concerns optimizations carried out on the
site itself, while off-page SEO concerns the optimizations carried out
outside the site, such as link building. On-page SEO includes elements
such as meta tags, site content and URL structure, while
that off-page SEO includes elements such as links from others
sites and mentions of your site on social networks.

Link building is an SEO strategy which consists of
get quality links pointing to a website from other sites
web, blogs or social networks. These links are considered by the engines
search results as “votes of confidence” for the site, which can contribute
to improve its ranking in search results. Link building is
therefore important because it can help improve visibility and credibility
of a website, which can lead to increased traffic and
conversions. However, it is important to note that link building must be
carried out in a natural and ethical way, ensuring not to purchase or
exchange links improperly.

Yes, SEO is important for all types of websites,
whether they are e-commerce sites, service sites or sites
of information. All websites can benefit from SEO optimization, because
this can help improve the visibility and ranking of the site in
search results, which can lead to increased traffic and
conversions. However, it is important to note that every website is unique
and that SEO strategies can vary depending on the industry, audience
target and competition.